Pesto Pasta Recipe | Green sauce | Boiling of penne 2023

Pesto Pasta Recipe : Pesto means not sauce but it is a word that describes the green. It is really easy to make pesto pasta. You can now make pesto sauce from basil leaves or with the help of pess as well. Every leaf which has a green color can be easily used in order to make pesto sauce. In the article, I have mentioned how to make pesto sauce and how to boil at the ending article.

You can actually make a very good dish from leftover pesto pasta. You just need 2 to 3 numbers of eggs in order to make omelets. You also need one tablespoon of Salt and one tablespoon of black pepper powder in order to make an omelet. To make a pasta omelet, you have to add 2-3 eggs and break them into a bowl. Now you have to add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of black pepper powder in a bowl. Now whisk the mixture and mix every ingredient of a bowl.

Now you have to take one pan and add some olive oil in the pan and spread it. Now add the mixture of eggs in the pan to make an omelet. Once it is somewhat cooked, you just have to put pesto pasta in the middle of an omelet. Now just cook the omelet and it is ready to eat.

Pesto Pasta Recipe

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  • 1) For making green sauce in order to make pesto pasta:
    ● β…“ cup of toasted almond
    ● 2 garlic cloves
    ● Β½ cup of grated parmesan cheese
    ● 2 cups of basil leaves
    ● 2 tablespoons of olive oils
    ● 1 tablespoons of black pepper powder
    ● A pinch of salt
    ● Again some basil leaves
    ● ΒΎ cups of olive oil

  • 2) For boiling of penne pasta in order to make pesto pasta:
    ● 2 liters of water
    ● 1 tablespoons of salt
    ● 2 cups of pasta

  • 3) Making of pesto pasta:
    ● Boiled pasta
    ● 1 tablespoons of butter
    ● Pesto sauce
    ● 1 cup of grated cheese


  • Making of pesto pasta starts with making of pesto sauce:
    ● If you follow the correct steps and all the ingredients in a given method then you can make pesto sauce very easily. You have to put in all the ingredients and the pesto sauce is ready.
    ● Now firstly take one jar which should have been a mixture blender jar so that when you have to blend, you do not have to transfer the mixture in any other container.
    ● Now take β…“ cup of toasted almonds and add it to the mixture in a blender jar. Instead of almonds you can also use chilgoza.
    ● Add 2 numbers of garlic cloves in the mixtures.
    ● Now just grind the two ingredients first so you can make the fine pasta from it and there are no big pieces of almonds in the pesto sauce. You just have to blend it for 10 to 15 seconds.
    ● Now in the mixture blender jar, add Β½ cup of grated parmesan cheese because in parmesan cheese there is a umami flavor in it. You do not have to blend it but add other things in the mixture in the blender jar.
    ● Now add 2 cups of basil leaves in a mixture in a blender jar and that is the main ingredient in order to make pesto sauce because this will not only give the color but also the taste.
    ● Now add 2 tablespoons of olive oils in the jar after adding basil leaves.
    ● In addition to that, you have to add 1 tablespoon of black pepper powder in the mixture in the blender jar.
    ● You have to add A pinch of salt because the grated cheese also has salt in it so you have to add less salt in the jar.
    ● Now we will grind the mixture through a blender so that all the ingredients mix with each other and make one fine paste of pesto sauce.
    ● After blending the mixture you had in the jar, you can see that not all the basil leaves are grinder perfectly.
    ● After grinding it once, you have to Again add some basil leaves in the mixture blender jar. These basil leaves have been added just to increase the quantity of the pesto sauce.
    ● We have to again grind it all together to mix everything.
    ● Now you have to Trickle ΒΎ cups of olive oil in the mixture blender jar full of raw materials of pesto sauce.
    ● If you are unable to mix it then mix through a spoon, and again grind it to mix it well.
    ● You do not have to completely make the fine puree but it should be something bigger.
    ● Now the pesto sauce is ready to go into pasta.
  • Making of pesto pasta starts with boiling of pasta:
    ● Now we do not have to boil the pasta first but you have to make the pesto sauce and then boil the pasta because if you had boiled the pasta first then it will stick to each other so you have to boil the pasta after making pesto sauce so it can directly be added in the pan.
    ● Now take one pan and in the pan take 2 liters of water for boiling of the water.
    ● In the pan of water, add 1 tablespoon of salt or you can add more than that as well because pasta will absorb the salt as per the requirements of the pasta.
    ● Now add 2 cups of pasta in the water for boiling.
    ● After boiling it for 5 to 7 minutes the pasta must be boiled completely and you can add it in the sauce for making the pesto sauce.
    ● After that you have to save the boiled water stock and drain the pasta very well.
  • Making of pesto pasta recipe:
    ● Now the pesto sauce and boiled pasta is ready so we can just go ahead and make the pesto pasta.
    ● We will not make it in the pan because due to the heat of the gas, pesto pasta can become black.
    ● Take one big bowl and in the bowl, you have to take pasta according to your need.
    ● Now in the boiled pasta bowl, you have to add the pesto sauce to make the pesto pasta.
    ● After adding pesto sauce, you have to add 1 tablespoon of butter in the bowl
    ● Add the pesto oil from the pesto sauce bowl in the bowl of pasta.
    ● Now mix it really softly so that all the pasta should be coated with the pesto sauce.
    ● Now if you like them you can add grated cheese on top of that so that all the cheese can be melted.
    ● Now the pesto pasta is ready to eat. You can serve it on the plate and eat it.


  • ● We do not add water in the pesto sauce but add oil inside the jar because basil leaves will already leave some of the water and that is why the pesto sauce will have the water surrounding the sauce when we put the pesto sauce in the bowl.
  • ● Sometimes this happens that basil leaves will not grind properly when you are trying to grind it because all the big leaves of basil are added in the mixture at one time only, so there might still be the basil leaves which are not gridded.
  • ● In order to grind the remaining basil leaves you have to open the lid of the jar and with the help of spoon you have to replace the pasta which is at the bottom and the leaves which are not grinded is at the top so you have to mix the upper portion and bottom portion with spoon so basil leaves can get mix.
  • ● If the leaves are not grinding properly, then you do not have to add water or not too oil.
  • ● We always have to add pasta in the boiling water and do not add it in the normal water. Whenever you add the pasta in the boiling water, you just have to stir the pasta immediately because the temperature of the boiling water will be cooled down or it will degrade when you add pasta so if you do not stir then the pasta will stick out to each other.
  • ● Whenever making pesto, you just have to take pauses in between grinding because if you constantly grind it then it might be possible that the color of the pesto sauce can become the black and the flavors can also be lost due to heat.
  • ● Always save the boiling water to lighten up the pesto sauce. Do not throw it.

Frequently asked questions About pesto pasta:

Is it healthy to eat pesto pasta recipes?

It is not because it has 315 kcal calories.

What is the fat and protein content of a pesto pasta recipe?

Fat is 21.03 grams and protein is 9.24 grams in pesto pasta.

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